Dynomax Shock Subs

Dynomax Shock Subs

During drilling operations, the drill string assembly withstands the extreme conditions, which can cause considerable damage to the bit as well as BHA components.

Dynomax Shock Subs, specially designed for work in extreme conditions, absorb vibrations and bit shock loads in drill collar strings, improving the life and durability of the drill string assembly, which can significantly reduce service time and costs.

Scope of our business

Directional drilling

  • Well-planning
  • Engineering Support while drilling

Downhole equipment rental

  • Full service of downhole equipment and MWD-kits at our in-house facilities
  • Engineering support of downhole equipment at the rigsite

The Shock Subs are available in sizes:

4 3/4″ (121 мм)
6 3/4″ (171 мм)
8″ (203 мм)
9″ (241 мм)