DynomaxMud Motors

Our main drilling equipment supplier is Dynomax Drilling Tools Inc. (Canada) – a leading supplier of drilling products engineered for the oil and gas industry. The motors we can offer to our Customers incorporate a wide range of sizes from 3 3/4” (95 mm) to 9 5/8“ (244mm).
Dynomax Mud Motors are engineered and designed for durability and consistency. They offer different rotor and stator configurations to provide optimum performance while drilling, and they have the capacity to drill large-sized holes used by larger rigs.

The most requested configurations are available in stock.

244мм(9-5/8″) 6-7 Lobe 5.0 Stage HR Series 1
203мм(8″) 7-8 Lobe 4.0 Stage HR Series 2
203мм(8″) 6-7 Lobe 4.0 Stage HR Series 2
171мм(6-3/4″) 7-8 Lobe 5.0 Stage HR Series 3
171мм(6-3/4″) 6-7 Lobe 5.0 Stage HR Series 3
165мм (6 1/2″) 7-8 Lobe 2.9 Stage HR Series 1
127мм (5″) 7-8 Lobe 3.8 Stage HR Series 1
95мм (3 3/4″) 7-8 Lobe 2.3 Stage HR Series 1


  • Sealed Oil lubricated Bearing Assembly
  • Can accommodate the use of screw on stabilizers, or kick pads
  • Splined drive shaft to distribute an even load over the splines; with reduced vibration.
  • Adjustable bent housing (0° to 3° in 13 increments) or a fixed bent housing.
  • Flow restrictor that reduces pressure in the bearing assembly to a near balanced condition and extending seal life.

Our highly-skilled team provides proper engineering support of the downhole equipment at the rig site and its further service at the facility.